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Pam Bouvier is the main Bond girl in Licence to Kill, the second Bond installment with Timothy Dalton as James Bond. She is played by Carey Lowell.

Film biographyEdit

A former army pilot, Bouvier works as a CIA informer, posing as a courier for drug lord Franz Sanchez. James Bond first witnesses Bouvier talking to Felix Leiter at the reception of his wedding, but she leaves before Bond can speak with her.

Leiter was thrown into a shark tank by Sanchez and Bond throws Killifer in the same tank, resulting in Bond being fired from MI6. After Bond steals $5 million from Krest, he sneaks into Leiter's office to find he had set a meeting at a bar in Bimini, she was disappointed in seeing Bond but soon trusts him. When Dario soon comes into the bar, she asks Bond if he has a gun, after seeing his Walther PPK, she shows him a shotgun which she soon uses to blast a hole in a wall before escaping on Bond's boat. She is soon shot, but is luckily unharmed because she wore a Kevlar vest. They escape and have implied sex. She agrees to help Bond track down Sanchez, playing herself off as Bond's executive secretary while he infiltrates Sanchez's operations. At the same time, she meets Colonel Heller to set up a deal granting him immunity if Sanchez is arrested.

Bouvier, with the assistance of Q, follows Bond and Sanchez to the Olympatec Meditation Institute, where Sanchez has taken Bond. Bouvier has made her way to the OMI by disguising herself as a student, she steals a key from Professor Joe and sneaks into the distribution centre where she shoots Dario and helps destroy Sanchez's drug convoy.

After dealing with Sanchez, Bouvier and Q go to a party with Bond at the drug lord's former residence. Bouvier sees Lupe Lamora and Bond kiss. Bouvier, always jealous of Lupe, runs down the stairs to the pool. Bond sees this, Lupe insists he stay with her. Bond, not wanting to break her heart, sets her up with a date with the El Presidente, he leaps off the balcony into the pool. He pulls Bouvier in the pool and they kiss.

Behind the ScenesEdit

After Carey Lowell was chosen to play Pam Bouvier, she watched many previous films in the series for inspiration. Lowell had described becoming a Bond girl as "huge shoes to fill", as she did not see herself as a "glamour girl", even coming to her audition wearing jeans and a leather jacket. While Lowell wore a wig for the scenes set in the United States, a scene where Bouvier cuts her hair was added so Lowell's natural short hair could be used.

Her surname is a reference to American First Lady Jackie Kennedy as her maiden name was Bouvier.


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