Pan Ho works for Max Zorin in co-operation with one of his henchwoman, Jenny Flex. She generally assists Jenny Flex and May Day in the removal of any enemies. She appear in the 1985 film A View to a Kill. She was played by Papillon Soo Soo.

Film biography

She is first seen when James Bond and Sir Godfrey Tibbett arrives. She reads his name off the list and she struggles with pronouncing his name.

She is later seen at the reception in the company of Jenny Flex and May Day, drinking champagne, and talking to guests. Pan Ho and Jenny Flex later provide a suitable distraction at the a petrol station where Tibbett is about to wash the car, giving May Day the chance to enter the car undetected.

When General Gogol comes to confront Max Zorin at the château and they insult Zorin, May Day strongarms Klotkoff, Jenny Flex, Pan Ho, and Scarpine also come out pointing their guns at the KGB general who threaten Zorin about “No one ever leaving the KGB”.

In San Francisco at the City Hall scene where Zorin kills Mr. Howe, Pan Ho can be seen in the background making Molotov cocktails to burn the building down and especially Bond and Stacey in the elevator. Shortly after, she hands the explosive to Zorin to drop on the elevator, rushes out with the gas canisters, and can be seen looking at the destruction she’s caused.

Later, she, Jenny and May Day hunt down Bond and Sutton in the mines. May Day tells her and Jenny to go one way and she'll go the other. The girls are unaware of Zorin's plan to flood the mines. She and Jenny are seen walking back and then they see the water. The two girls and the rest of the workers try to outrun it but it quickly catches them. As the water splashes through we see a shot of Pan Ho.


  • In the script, Pan Ho gets all of Scarpine’s lines up to “No, those are the servant’s quarters”. She also, instead of Scarpine, when Bond is being knocked out and put into the Rolls-Royce, is the one who pats down Bond and knocks him out cold with the gun.