Patrice's sniper rifle (1)

Patrice's sniper rifle, as seen in Skyfall (2012).

Patrice's sniper rifle is a fictional custom bolt-action suppressed sniper rifle utilized by the mercenary Patrice during an assassination in Shanghai. The weapon appeared in EON Productions' 2012 James Bond film Skyfall and its tie-in content in the video-game 007 Legends (2012).


In Skyfall, Patrice is hired to assassinate an art critic and in the building opposite the one the critic was on, Patrice cuts a window to get the shot through the window. During the cutting, he assembles the gun and doesn't notice Bond, who survived his previous encounter, moving slowly and when the gun was finished, he removed the window cutting machine and uses the gun to shoot the critic in the back of his head. After killing him, Patrice soon heard Bond coming at him and tries to shoot him with the gun but after several windows are broken, the gun is soon thrown out an broken window and Bond tries to get Patrice's employer, but Patrice remained silent and Bond slipped his grip, letting Patrice fall to his death.



  • During the assassination, the rifle appears to be bolt-action, but during the fight with Bond, the gun suddenly fires semi-automatically.


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