Patricia Fearing is a nurse who works at the Shrublands health farm in the James Bond novel Thunderball.


Fearing is a nurse at the Shrublands heath farm and is tasked with specifically looking after James Bond while he is a guest. At one point she sets Bond up with the traction table and leaves him for a few moments, however, during her time away Bond is attacked by Count Lippe who turns up the power on the traction table in an attempt to kill him. He ultimately is saved by Fearing when she returns.

After the incident, Fearing and her manager, Mr. Wain, believe that Bond had accidentally bumped a switch causing the traction table to speed up. She pleads with Bond to remain silent on Mr. Wain's behalf feeling that it would damage their reputation if the other patients got word of the incident. Bond seduces her and makes love to her in her car after he is discharged from Shrublands. Her body is one of three things Bond has built up an appetite for - the other two being spaghetti Bolognese and Chianti. He manages to have all three in quick succession.

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