Peaceful Fountains of Desire is a Chinese Intelligence operative posing as a masseuse at the Royal Rubyeon Hotel in Hong Kong. She appears in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day and is portrayed by Rachel Grant.

Film biography

After escaping his cell aboard a MI6 ship based in Hong Kong harbour, James Bond lands at the Hong Kong Yacht Club in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island and proceeds to the Royal Rubyeon Hotel where he is greeted by the hotel manager and an old friend, Mr. Chang. Chang orders the reception staff to put Bond up in the presedential suite.

While Bond freshens up in his suite, Chang, secretly a Chinese Intelligence agent, sends Peaceful Fountains of Desire, another Chinese agent posing as a masseuse, to probe Bond for more information. Arriving at Bond's room door, she politely introduces herself, telling Bond that she comes with "compliments from the manager". Going along with the ploy, Bond allows her to enter.

Demanding Bond to sit on the bed, Peaceful finds herself in a close situation with Bond telling him she's "not that kind of masseuse". When Bond takes hold of her Llama Especial Pistol hidden under her dress, he tells her "he's not that kind of customer". Tossing Peaceful aside, Bond throws an ashtray into a two-way mirror revealing a hidden compartment from where Mr. Chang and his colleagues were secretly filming the pair, preparing to watch Peaceful's interrogation of Bond. Peaceful continues to hold Bond at gun point but after Bond convinces Chang that Zao is their common enemy, he arranges for him to travel to Cuba in pursuit of the North Korean agent.

Chang leaves, demanding Peaceful leaves with him.


  • Peaceful's real name is never disclosed within the film.
  • As Die Another Day celebrated forty years of the James Bond franchise, the film incorporated narrative strands from each former Bond films. The sequence including Peaceful resembled the scene in From Russia with Love where Bond and Tatiana Romanova are filmed in secret by Rosa Klebb who was hiding behind a two-way mirror.
  • Rachel Grant is the first Filipino Bond Girl.


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