Percy Osborne-Smith is the Deputy Senior Director of Field Operations and MI6 Division Three operative who acts as a form of minor villain in Jeffery Deaver's 2011 James Bond novel Carte Blanche.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Percy is a snide foil to Bond, as his permanent optimistic outlook can be rather annoying to him. Percy later attempts to stop Bond for carrying a firearm in a country where he did not have a permit. he later forgave Bond and was a true ally for a time, being one of the few people determined to allow Bond to remain in South Africa. However, Smith never believed that the attacks that form the central conflict of Carte Blanche were in South Africa, he simply wanted Bond out of the way so that he could take Bond's information and use it where he believed the attacks would take place and steal the credit for Bond's work. He is less of a villain than he is a major hindrance.

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