Perla de las Dunas

Perla de las Dunas is an eco-hotel in the Atacama desert in Bolivia. It serves as a meeting place for Dominic Greene and General Medrano to finalize their deal in the film Quantum of Solace. As it is an eco-hotel, it uses solar panels and extremely flammable hydrogen fuel cells for power.


The hotel appears at the end of the film as a meeting place for General Medrano and Carlos to finalize their alliance with Dominic Greene. The hotel appears to be dominated by Medrano's soldiers as there is no staff apart from a maid who is nearly raped by Medrano. The hotel is infiltrated by James Bond and Camille Montes, both of whom want to kill the men present in the building. When Carlos is about to depart, Bond drops onto his car and shoots him through the windscreen as revenge for killing his friend René Mathis. He then shoots and injures the driver of the car before taking several shots at Greene. As Greene's Driver returns fire, Carlos's jeep reverses into a wall and explodes, setting the garage on fire. Bond kills the driver before pursuing Greene and his bodyguard Elvis to the lobby as the fire starts to spread through the hydrogen fuel network, reaching Medrano's room as he and Camille fight. Greene orders Elvis to ambush Bond in the main atrium, but the latter is killed when a nearby fuel cell explodes, incinerating him and destroying the atrium in the process. Bond and Greene engage in a brutal fight where Greene tries to kill Bond with a fire-axe before slicing into his own foot and nearly plummeting to his death before Bond grabs him by the hair. Camille manages to overpower Medrano and kill him with a gun, prompting Bond to drop Greene and investigate. Trapped in the burning room, Bond prepares to shoot himself and Camille, but spots an exposed fuel cell and shoots it instead, blowing a hole in the wall that allows them to escape as the hotel is consumed by the flames.

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