Persephone 'Percy' Proud is a CIA agent whom went deep undercover by marrying Jay Autem Holy. After Holy's faked death, she teams up with James Bond to teach him everything she knows about Holy and everything she knows about programming languages and computers in general.

Novel biography

Role of Honour

Percy Proud, an agent of the CIA, was once posted undercover as Mrs. Jay Autem Holy in order to observe his movements. Holy later faked his own death to rid himself of being trailed and started anew under the name Jason St. John Finnes.

James Bond first meets Percy while spending a month in Monte Carlo.Percy teaches Bond everything he needs to know about computers and programming languages before joining up with SPECTRE, in order to impress Jay Autem Holy.

She later works in league with an informant inside Holy's computer company, Endor by the name of Cindy Chalmer. Percy acts as her CIA liason and contact point.

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