Phoebe Farragut is a fictional student who first appeared in the 1991-92 animated television series James Bond Jr. and its accompanying 1992 Marvel comic-book series of the same name.

Character biography

Tracy Milbanks's best friend and the daughter of a rich businessman, Phoebe makes no secret of her crush on James Bond Jr., although the feelings are never reciprocated. In this manner, she is similar to Miss Moneypenny. Having a stereotypically nerdish appearance complete with thick glasses and 'frumpy' hairstyle, she is portrayed as less confident and popular than others in the group. What she lacks in popularity, she more than makes up for with technical competence; in Episode 57 of the animated series (Rubies Aren't Forever) it is revealed that Phoebe is a capable pilot with the knowledge to fly an F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft.

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