Phoenix samurai laser rifle (Nightfire, GC)

Phoenix laser rifle, as seen in the GameCube version of Nightfire (2002).

The Phoenix laser rifle, alternately named the Phoenix samurai laser rifle in the console version and the Phoenix International experimental laser rifle for the PC release, is a fictional handheld laser rifle developed by Phoenix International for the purpose of zero-gravity warfare. The weapon appeared in Electronic Arts' 2004 James Bond video game Nightfire.

Video game appearances

The Phoenix laser rifle was a handheld, laser weapon developed illegally by Phoenix International in order to fulfil Phoenix president Rafael Drake's goal of attacking and hijacking the U.S. Space Defense Platform

Drake ordered the development of a weapon that could be effortlessly handled in low-gravity and outer-space environments, particularly in order to arm his secret Phoenix astronaut trainees. As MI6 was closing in on his criminal objectives, Drake sent a team of skilled astronauts to capture the Space Defense Platform. Using the rifle to kill the Platform's attendants, the Phoenix astronauts took charge of the Platform, hoping to activate its nuclear arsenal. MI6 agent James Bond followed the team to the Platform and was able to eliminate them in time. Ironically, Drake himself was shot and killed aboard the Platform with a Samurai Rifle stolen by Bond.

The rifle appears to be chrome-plated and has a semi-automatic setting. The gun requires no ammunition, though it must cool off after being shot too many times, automatically recharging after a few seconds.


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