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Pola Ivanova (Fiona Fullerton) - Profile
Character information
Name(s): Pola Ivanova
Hair/eye color: Blue (Eyes), Blonde (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Soviet Agent
Affiliation: KGB
Status: Active/Unknown
Behind the scenes
Role: Bond girl, Antagonist
Portrayed By: Fiona Fullerton
First Appearance: A View to a Kill (Film)
Last Appearance: A View to a Kill (Film)

Pola Ivanova is a fictional Soviet spy from the 1985 James Bond film, A View to a Kill. She is played by the British actress Fiona Fullerton.

Film biographyEdit

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers! Plot and/or ending details follow.

A Soviet agent from James Bond's past, Pola Ivanova is spying on Max Zorin's testing facility, when her partner is caught and executed. Bond realizes she's been taping an incriminating conversation between Zorin and his oil company chief, Bob Conley. Emerging from the sea, Bond and Ivanova fight on dry land until they recognise each other.

He later meets Pola and seduces her in a hot tub at the Nippon Relaxation Spa. After this interlude Pola hurriedly absconds to pass the tape of Zorin's conversation to General Gogol who immediately plays it in his car stereo. Much to Pola's embarrassment Bond has swapped the tape with a cassette of Japanese music which had been playing in the spa.

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Bond seduces Pola in a Hot Tub.

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