Dr. Metz (Joseph Fürst) - Profile

Professor Doctor Metz is a laser specialist employed by Blofeld to help in his scheme. Metz has designed a laser satellite powered by a huge diamond solar shield. A bit of an idealist pacifist, he hopes that the world will meet Blofeld's demands, thinking that nuclear disarmament and world peace are his goals. He was portrayed by Joseph Fürst.

Film biography

Professor Metz is first seen in one of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's labs working on his diamond laser satellite. Once it is completed and sent into space, he travels with Blofeld to the oilrig control centre.

The doctor is also seen in the secret laboratory of Blofeld when Bond enters disguised as a technician.

Metz becomes irate and annoyed when he discovers that Blofeld doesn't care about world peace, only holding the world for ransom and that Blofeld intends to use the laser to destroy Washington DC, when he didn't want it to be used in this way. Metz gets increasingly worried when Bond, Felix Leiter and Willard Whyte attack the oilrig. However Metz is powerless to stop Blofeld.

Nobody knows what happened to Professor Metz. There is a possibility that he died in the explosion of the den and another that he is arrested by the CIA.