Professor Markovitz is a character in The Spy Who Loved Me. He is played by Milo Sperber.

Film biography

As his title implies, he likely had a job teaching prior to falling in with Stromberg Shipping. What he is a professor of is never revealed, but given that Markovitz works with Dr. Bechmann to create Karl Stromberg's submarine tracking system, it is implied his professorship was in physics or one of the hard sciences. After the successful capture of HMS Ranger and the Potemkin, Stromberg calls the two men into his office, saying he is pleased with the system and that Professor Markowitz is to be paid $10 million for his efforts. Stromberg then reveals secrets of his have been compromised and takes an accusatory tone of voice. Ordering his assistant out of his office strongly suggests Professor Markowitz is guilty. Stromberg then murders his assistant by having her be mauled by a shark, which is viewed firsthand by Markowitz, and both he and Dr. Bechmann react with horror at this. Stromberg's tone changes to a pleased one, saying once again he congratulated the scientific pair for their system. Markovitz is last seen boarding a helicopter flying away from Atlantis, and shaking hands with his partner over their success. Shortly into the flight Stromberg blows up their helicopter, killing the two scientists. Stromberg then orders that Professor Markowitz's next of kin be informed that a "tragic accident has taken his life, and the funeral was at sea".

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