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Pussy Galore: "My name is Pussy Galore."
James Bond: "I must be dreaming."
―Pussy Galore and James Bond[src]

Pussy Galore is a major character of the 1964 film Goldfinger. She serves as the film's main Bond girl and one of Auric Goldfinger's henchmen. In the film she is played by Honor Blackman of The Avengers fame.

Film biography

Pussy Galore first appears as the pilot aboard Goldfinger's private jet. James Bond, unconscious after being shot with a tranquilizer gun, wakes up to see Pussy standing over him.

Pussy informs him that he is not dead, and that he was merely shot with a tranquilizer gun. She threatens to use it again, suggesting that he instead relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy the flight.

When the plane lands, Pussy escorts Bond to Goldfinger's stud farm, and locks him into a cell. Bond manages to escape, and overhears Goldfinger discussing Operation Grandslam. Pussy catches him and pulls his legs out from under him, putting him back in his cell.

Later on, as Goldfinger is having some mint juleps with Pussy, he notices two men with binoculars spying on the farm. He realizes that they must be friends of Bond, and decides to invite Bond for a drink, so that everything will appear friendly, as if Bond were out of danger. He tells Pussy to bring Bond out of his cell and entertain him. 

After a brief drink, Pussy takes Bond into a barn to keep up the pretence. Bond however, tries to seduce her, and Pussy uses Judo to trip Bond. The two engage in an entertaining Judo back and forth, and eventually Bond gets the upper hand, and the two kiss.

Pussy tells Bond that he can turn the charm off, because she is immune, implying that she is a lesbian. However, after the events at the barn, Pussy turns against Goldfinger, and sabotages Operation Grandslam. Instead of knocking out the soldiers at Fort Knox with a deadly nerve gas, she calls the CIA, and arranges for the soldiers to fake being gassed, so that Goldfinger can be baited and captured.

Pussy is later seen at the end of the film has the pilote when 007 boards a plane to meet with the President at the White House. Sadly, Goldfinger once more shows his face, after taking over the plane. After sending him through the window after the cabin is depressurised, Bond and Pussy escape using a parachute. While Pussy tries to wave to the helicopter looking for them, Bond has other ideas.


  • Pussy Galore's name is parodied in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery as Alotta Fagina (Alotta Cleavage in the edited TV version). Her name is once again parodied in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, as the titular villainess Kitty Galore, which was also considered as Pussy's name for the film.
  • The typeface on the banner in Monty Python's Flying Circus is the same as in the banner of Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.
  • Pussy is the first leading Bond girl to be a villain. Although she switches sides.
  • Pussy, along with many other characters, is featured in the opening sequence of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  • Pussy is often considered to be an ally but she only turned good after being forced to by Bond.

Video Game Appearances

Pussy Galore has made three video game appearances to date.

She is a playable character in Nightfire's multiplayer.

In GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, she appears as Goldfinger's personal pilot and flies a helicopter to transport the protagonist, GoldenEye, to and from missions for Goldfinger. Later after Goldfinger's death, she picks up Goldeneye and while the helicopter was on auto-pilot, they started making out, which was witnessed by Blofeld and Scaramanga. Galore also appears in 007 Legends, where the game depicts her in a role similar to the film, Goldfinger. Again, she is Goldfinger's personal pilot, but she ends up assisting Bond's entrance into Goldfinger's study and helps foil Goldfinger's Operation Grand Slam, the same operation described in the film, but was annoyed when Mr. Ling ignores her.


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