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R is presumably Q's assistant and provides Bond with gadgets in Agent Under Fire. He is always in contact with Bond. He is first seen in Hong Kong where he gives Bond a gadget-laden BMW Z8. But, suddenly, a limousine pulls up, as an assassin inside launches a rocket at the agents, killing Zoe, and steals the case which Bond was to give R. Next they meet in an secured apartment R which is near the Embassy of Romania. There, he gives Bond an ordinary-looking business card which is a sort of skeleton key for digital locks. After a confrontation with Carla the Jackal and her mercenaries, Bond picks up a data chip on something known as Poseidon, and delivers it to R for analysis. Thanks for Z's capable hand, the chip leads Bond to an oil rig in the South China Sea. This is the final appearance of R on screen, but his voice and gadgets follow Bond throughout the rest of the game.

John Cleese was initially to provide his likeness and appeared in advertising for the game.


John Cleese's R in early stages of Agent Under Fire's development.

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