R is the code name of a fictional Q Branch employee and assistant to MI6's quartermaster. The character appears in the 2001 James Bond video-game 007: Agent Under Fire and was voiced by Miles Anderson.


R is presumably Q's assistant and provides Bond with equipment in Agent Under Fire. He is always in contact with Bond. He is first seen in Hong Kong where he delivers a gadget-laden BMW Z8 to 007 in the field. But, suddenly, a limousine pulls up. An assassin inside launches a rocket at the agents, killing Zoe Nightshade, and steals a case of blood samples which Bond was to give R. Next they meet in an secured apartment which is near the British Embassy in Romania. Hiding behind a holographic projection of a beautiful naked girl, R reveals himself and gives Bond an ordinary-looking business card which is a sort of skeleton key for digital locks. After a confrontation with Carla the Jackal and her mercenaries, Bond races through the streets of Bucharest to collect a data chip belonging to former Malprave Industries employee Dr. Natalya Damescu. 007 returns the chip to R for analysis. His assistant, Z, traces the location of Malprave's Poseidon cloning laboratory to an oil rig in the South China Sea. This is the final appearance of R on screen, but his voice and gadgets follow Bond throughout the rest of the game.

Behind the scenes


Shower scene, with John Cleese's R in early stages of the game's development.

Originally British actor John Cleese was to reprise his role as "R" from 1999's The World Is Not Enough. Cleese had previously played R in the PS1 and N64 versions of The World Is Not Enough and 007 Racing, and production footage of the game released clearly showed Cleese's likeness and voice. However, due to copyright reasons, Cleese's likeness was replaced and his lines redubbed by Miles Anderson, who ironically had imitated the voice of Desmond Llewelyn's Q in previous games. For reasons unknown, instead of imitating Cleese's voice, Anderson used the same voice he had used for Llewelyn's Q when voicing Cleese's character.[1] Cleese did however reprise his role as R in commercials for Agent Under Fire.[2]



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