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A radio-controlled helicopter (also R/C helicopter) is miniature battery-powered aircraft that can be controlled from a distance by a radio-frequency link using a specialised transmitter or remote. Several Q Branch-built radio-controlled helicopters were featured in the James Bond video game series, starting with 2002's Nightfire and 2005's From Russia with Love.


The first appearance of a remote-controlled helicopter was in the 2002 video game Nightfire. It appeared as an optional feature in the game's multiplayer mode and enabled players to operate a small helicopter from a first-person perspective. The aircraft was equipped with a chain-gun and AT-600 rocket launchers.

Electronic Arts' 2005 adaption of the classic 1963 film From Russia with Love prominently featured a radio-controlled helicopter as part of 007's arsenal of gadgets. Dubbed the Q-Copter, the miniature helicopter was typically used to traverse hard-to-reach places such as air vents and could be remotely detonated by the player. Unlike its Nightfire equivalent, it was flown from a third-person perspective and was otherwise unarmed.



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