Red Grant is a fictional assassin who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. The character is a re-imagining of the literary and film character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1957 novel From Russia, with Love and was subsequently adapted for EON Productions' 1963 James Bond film of the same name.

Game biography

Appearing prominently in James Bond: World of Espionage's sixth set of missions, based on From Russia with Love, Red Grant is a hybrid of both literary and film versions of the character. Notably, he shares a similarly psychotic backstory as his literary counterpart. The narration notes that Grant enjoys mutilation, especially during a full moon and was "the source of so many missing children". However, like the 1963 film depiction he works as an assassin for a third party (SPECTRE) with the mission of playing both Britain and Russia against one another.

After James Bond returns from the Alps with a mysterious cryptographic hash function, a Russian defector named Tatiana Romanova approaches MI6's Turkish station, claiming that she can provide MI6 with a cypher which decodes the message. However, she will only defect to Bond, with whom she has allegedly become besotted. 007 flies to Istanbul, where he is met on arrival by Red Grant, posing as a new MI6 agent working out of Belgrade named "Nash". Despite his use of the correct recognition code, 007 is wary of Nash's behaviour (his choice of red wine with fish) and accent. As Bond goes about his mission, it is implied that Grant is responsible for the death of a shadowing Russian FSB agent. Now in possession of the girl and the cypher, Bond meets up with Nash and the three attempt to flee the country on the Orient Express. On board, Nash reveals that he is in fact an assassin, working for an unnamed third party and was ordered to take the cypher, and their lives. 007 eventually overpowers and kills him.



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