Red Kelley is a fictional youngster, and ally from author Charlie Higson's 2005 Young Bond novel SilverFin. He later returned in Double or Die.

Novel biography


Red and James Bond met on a train to Scotland where Red was searching for a missing cousin, whom Bond helped him to locate.

Double or Die

After hearing his sister Kelley Kelley and her gang threatening someone in the alley, Red went out to see that James Bond was asleep in the alley. After learning that James was searching for a ship in the harbor to find a missing person, he got Bond the proper information and sent him through the abandoned pneumatic rail system, which the local gangs had fixed and converted to electric power to use for smuggling. He was later contacted by Perry Mandeville, and the two gathered a small army of Hackney natives to come to Bond's aid. They fought off the Russian sailors that were on the dock, and he and three relatives joined James in going back on the ship to destroy a code breaking machine that was inside. At he machine, the mortally wounded John Charnage revealed to Red that the way to break the machine was to crash the ship's motors. He and Red then went to the motor room and were able to destroy them, and Red was able to leave the ship, before going after Bond who had gone back into the rail system to rescue Alexis Fairburn and Mandeville, who had been kidnapped by Colonel Irina Sedova.