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"No Sir, your eyes don't deceive you. Unfortunately I am the last thing they will ever see."
― Reginald Griffin's clone[src]

The Griffin clone confronts Bond.

Reginald Griffin was a British diplomat who headed a British Embassy in Bucharest, Romania. He's a high level Diplomat and performed his job well, but in recent Foreign Ministry Report he became obsessed of protecting a secured room in the Embassy, which normally is outside his jurisdiction. As Bond secretly infiltrated his Embassy, he not only discovers suspicious activity, but he also discovers Griffin himself dead in his own armchair, being tortured to death after a bad interrogation (according to Bond), as soon as he discovers Griffin's body, Griffin's clone comes in and tries to kill bond, but Bond defeats Griffin's clone and steals his computer password which allowed Bond to uncover some kind of message from Nigel Bloch which revealed the location of Malprave's facility.

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