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"No Sir, your eyes don't deceive you. Unfortunately I am the last thing they will ever see."
― Reginald Griffin's clone[src]

Reginald Griffin was a fictional British diplomat who headed a British Embassy in Bucharest, Romania. The character appeared in the 2001 James Bond video-game Agent Under Fire and was voiced by Joe Paulino.


Reginald Griffin was a British diplomat who headed a British Embassy in Bucharest, Romania. He's a high level Diplomat and performed his job well, but a recent Foreign Ministry Report noted that he had become obsessed with protecting a secured room in the Embassy, which was normally outside his jurisdiction. As Bond secretly infiltrates the embassy he not only discovers suspicious activity, but he also discovers that Griffin has been tortured to death. Examining the man's corpse, 007 is confronted at gunpoint by Griffin's identical clone, who attempts to kill him. Bond defeats the Griffin clone and steals his computer password, allowing him to uncover a message from Nigel Bloch revealing the location of Malprave's facility.


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