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Ricardo was a SPECTRE operative under the command of Emilio Largo. The character appeared in the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball and was portrayed by stuntman Ian Bulloch.

Film biography

Ricardo is first seen when Quist is executed in Largo's villa at Palmyra.

A few days later Largo's men took Paula to Palmyra. He guarded when Bond knocked him unconscious.

He was one of the Largo's henchmen who helped Fiona Volpe to find Bond in Junkanoo carnival. After they found on the Kiss Kiss Club.

Volpe approaches Bond as he is dancing with another woman. Assuming Volpe is his wife, the woman abruptly leaves, and the pair begin slow-dancing. As they dance another henchmen takes aim at Bond from behind a nearby curtain. Bond notices in time and spins Volpe into the path of the bullet, piercing her spine and killing her instantly. Witnessing the death of their superior, Ricardo and the remaining thugs flee.

He also partook in the finale battle aboard the Disco Volante and was knocked overboard by 007. Whether he survived or not is unknown.