Rick Taylor is a fictional American intelligence operative and engineer who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage.

Game biography

Despite Rick's mechanical aptitude, he despises any technology more complicated than a carburetor. As comfortable field stripping an automatic weapon as he is replacing the electrical system of a Mustang, he has a bad attitude towards those type of people who are 'stuck in their heads' or rely too heavily on computerized technology. He does not get on well with Q.[1]

Notable for a 'luddite' personality, he has skills in invention, firearms and driving, and is bi-lingual, speaking both English and Polish. The character offers a reduced vehicle cost bonus and provides a +5 energy bonus using armoured cars and -2 damage bonus during Conflict and Villain fights using armed snowmobiles. He is an "uncommon agent" (green) and can be levelled to level 15.



  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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