M (Robert Brown) - Profile

Robert James Brown (23 July 1921 – 11 November 2003) was an English actor, known for his portrayal of M in the James Bond films, succeeding Bernard Lee and preceding Judi Dench. Following Lee's sudden death in 1981, the producers, instead of hiring a replacement, decided to leave M out of For Your Eyes Only, out of respect for the actor and trade his lines with M's Chief of Staff Bill Tanner as Albert R. Broccoli refused to have the character recast. In 1983, they cast Brown to portray M. It is not clear as to whether he was the same character as Lee's M, or a different M, perhaps a promoted Hargreaves. Dench would take over the role in the 1995-film GoldenEye.

Bond Film Appearances


  • Brown appeared in the 1950s television series Ivanhoe where he played Gurth, the faithful companion of Ivanhoe, who was played by the James Bond actor Roger Moore.

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