Rodney is a minor villain in the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun and possibly the same character in Diamonds Are Forever. He is played by Marc Lawrence.

Film biography

Rodney, a gangster from Las Vegas, travels to a private island off the coast of China at the behest of Nick Nack. Rodney hopes to assassinate master assassin Francisco Scaramanga for a fee. Rodney finds himself a pawn in a live training exercise from Scaramanga. When Rodney's first shot misses Scaramanga, he finds himself lost in a funhouse. As Rodney pursues the assassin Nick Nack mocks Scaramanga which causes unease for Rodney. Scaramanga eventually shoots Rodney once in the forehead.

Behind the scenes

Marc Lawrence also played the lead gangster in 1971's Diamonds Are Forever opposite Sean Connery. Whether they are intended to be the same character is unknown.

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