A briefcase turret is a portable sentry gun concealed in a briefcase. Once set-up, the turret automatically aims and fires at targets that are detected by its sensors. Several briefcase sentries were featured in the James Bond video game series, starting with 2002's Nightfire and later with 2005's From Russia with Love.

Video-Game appearances

Nightfire (2002)

The first appearance of a briefcase turret was in the 2002 video game Nightfire. Manufactured by Phoenix International as the "Ronin", the briefcase hides a minigun which opens fire on anyone other than the individual who set it up. The weapon is sometimes used by enemy NPCs during single-player missions to guard hallways or rooms. It is available to the player during multiplayer, and although it isn't mobile, the Ronin can be controlled remotely by the player that set it up.

From Russia with Love (video game)

Electronic Arts' 2005 adaption of the classic 1963 film From Russia with Love featured deployable briefcase turrets provided by Q Branch. With its red interior, the weapon resembles the attaché case from the novel and film. Unlike its Nightfire equivalent, the turrets are only available to James Bond and are not remotely controllable.



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