Rosemary Cleveland is a fictional American CIA intelligence operative working with MI6. The character appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage.

Game biography

Realising that a peaceful 'Live and Let Die' philosophy was not going to save her community, Rosemary began acting as a police informant to help break the power of local armed gangs. Slick, quiet and effective, Rosemary began her career in law enforcement leading her first to Baltimore, then Washington and after a chance encounter with Felix Leiter, finally to London. Willing to work with the British as long as 'they have their heads on straight', Rosemary appreciates not only the result of her work, but the process as well.[1] Notable being hunted by a motorcycle gang, she has skills in deception, surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, and is multi-lingual, speaking English, Spanish and Irish. The character offers a chance to gain +2000 money from missions, with a +25 total defense using an electroshocker, +2HP to finishing move threshold using extended barrel, and -7% damage in Alliance War using combat sword. She is a "rare agent" (blue) and can be levelled to level 25.



  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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