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Rosika Miklos is a character in the 1987 film The Living Daylights. She is played by Julie T. Wallace.

Film Biography

Rosika appears at the beginning of the film, coveralls employee Pipeline Transsiberian, opening the company gates to receive Bond coming in Koskov company, and receives the spy - that presents the general as "this is our man" - saying "it is good to work with him again," what makes you believe that even without having appeared in any previous film, the character has participated in some Bond mission not known. It takes two, bypassing the monitoring and technicians place to the pipeline tube containing the capsule designed to carry a man therethrough. She tucks the terrified Koskov inside the capsule, with an oxygen mask for the crossing, the bar and tells Bond that when the pressure on the clock reaches 100 it should be released. But how does the panel lights up like a Christmas tree in the control room, Rosika leaves Bond and runs through this room to distract the old technician on duty.

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