SCUM (an acronym of Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem) is a fictional global criminal organisation featured in the James Bond animated spin-off series James Bond Jr.. It is loosely based on the SPECTRE organization and its head Ernst Stavro Blofeld.


Introduced in the 1991-92 animated spin-off series James Bond Jr., SCUM effectively filled the role of SPECTRE as Bond's primary antagonist. Beside its acronym, numerous intentional parallels exist between the two organizations; with SCUM's mysterious leader owning a dog (named Scuzzball) and remaining partially obscured. There were numerous villains in the series, most of whom worked for SCUM and made recurring appearances throughout the 65-episode run - often receiving their orders from SCUM Lord via telescreen.


Henchmen working for SCUM or directly for SCUM Lord:


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