An SIG SG 551 - 5.56x45mm.

The SG 550 is an assault rifle manufactured by Swiss Arms AG (formerly Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) of Neuhausen, Switzerland. "SG" is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr, or "assault rifle". The rifle is based on the earlier 5.56mm SG 540. Semi-fictional firearms modelled on the SG 550 and its variants, renamed and lacking identifying trademarks, have appeared in the James Bond video game series beginning with the 2002 game Nightfire and subsequently 007 Legends in 2012.

Video-game appearances


SIG SG 551

The SG5 Commando assault rifle, as seen in Nightfire (2002).

Called the "SG5 Commando" and based on the SG 551 variant, the weapon is described by the instruction manual as a compact assault rifle with a high rate of fire, which can be switched to a more accurate 3-round burst. It also comes equipped with a telescopic sight.[1] It comes equipped with a laser sight and either a scope or suppressor, the suppressed version being restricted to single and burst fire and has a white pistol grip, stock, and handguard. The PC version of the game adds a laser pointer to the weapon.



  1. (2002) Nightfire: Instruction Booklet. Electronic Arts, p.15. 

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