Sanu Hirani is the "Q" figure in Jeffery Deaver's 2011 James Bond novel: Carte Blanche. He is never given the title of Q, as in Deaver's universe Q is only the name of the branch.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Sanu is the head of the Overseas Development Group's Q Branch. He is able to rapidly improvise and modify field equipment for Bond (at the drop of a hat) and claims he does not need to sleep. His office is described as being plastered with pictures of Indian cricketers. The novel refers to this character as "Q" at least once, implying that in Deaver's continuity Mayor Boothroyd (the Q of Fleming's Bond) is not the quartermaster of Q Branch. This is the only case of an ongoing Fleming character being replaced by Deaver. However it should be noted that he was only called Q by Felix Leiter, who did not know that Q was a branch of the ODG not person. Hirani graduated from all of the best shools in the U.k. and U.S., where he tried to spread the love of his favourite sport, cricket, but it did not catch on. Hirani is a father of six, all of whom play cricket. Hirani's eldest daughter is the star batswoman for her university team.