Satoshi Isagura is a fictional terrorist and chemical weapons expert who appeared in the pre-title sequence of the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, portrayed by Danish actor Khan Bonfils. The character also appeared in 1999 video game adaptation of the film, voiced by Zimbabwean actor Miles Anderson.

Film biographyEdit

The film begins at a terrorist arms bazaar somewhere on the Russian border. MI6 has sent James Bond into the field to survey trades and purchases by the terrorists. MI6 identified Satoshi Isagura. He was a chemical expert, and was wanted for the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack. He then worked for the insurgent forces in the First Congo War. Admiral Roebuck ordered a missile strike upon the position, however, it later transpired that the terrorists had a Soviet nuclear torpedo setup on a plane. Bond, used diversionary tactics, stole the plane with the torpedo and escaped.

It is unknown that Isagura killed in the attack or escaped like Henry Gupta.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

Tomorrow Never Dies (video game)Edit

In the video game adaptation of Tomorrow Never Dies, Satoshi Isagura is paid by Elliot Carver to carry out a nerve gas attack in Yokohama, which will be covered by Carver's newspaper, Tomorrow. MI6 receives details of a $3 million transaction between Isagura and Carver, suspected to have been payment for the job, and M dispatches Bond to assassinate Isagura.