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Scarlett Papava, also known by here code name of 004 is a character in the 2008 James Bond Novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks.

Novel Biography

Devil May Care

Scarlett first met James Bond in a Parisian hotel, where she pretended to be married to a businessman and the two had lunch while Scarlett tried to warn him of Dr. Julius Gorner. She later sneaked into his hotel room without her disguise to tell Bond her story. Julius Gorner was keeping her sister captive, and that she was referred to Bond, who was on sabbatical at the time, by Felix Leiter. Bond agreed to aid her, and she arranged a tennis match between Bond and Gorner at his usual tennis club, where he had a court rigged for cheating. After watching the net raise and lower while Bond's back was turned. she then went to the basement where she found Gorner's chauffeur in a control room beneath the court, and she got a friend in security to forcibly remove him and allow her to take control of the net. After Bond's victory, the two had lunch and Scarlett told Bond about her sister Poppy, who was a flight attendant who became addicted to drugs, whom Gorner kept around for his private jet in exchange for the best drugs money could buy, for free. After Bond agreed, she took a vacation to Iran to be on hand when her sister was freed. When she and Bond met again, she helped him to infiltrate a shipping yard that her sister had told them to look in to. Shortly after entering they were captured by Chagrin, Gorner's chauffeur. At Gorner's facility, Papava was forced to walk naked on a glass catwalk above his workers. While being held prisoner, she and Bond staged an escape in which she would "disappear" in order to board a plane that Bond was to pilot into Russia to hel[ his escape.


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