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Simmons is a fictional card partner of Auric Goldfinger in Miami, Florida. A minor character, Simmons was loosely based on the character Junius Du Pont from Ian Fleming's James Bond novel Goldfinger and appeared in its 1964 film adaptation. He was portrayed by Canadian actor Austin Willis.


He was the card partner of Auric Goldfinger on Miami Beach. He always lost because Jill Masterson can see his cards through her high-powered binoculars. She communicates via radio with Goldfinger (who receives the messages through a false hearing aid), telling him what cards Simmons has and what is going on in the game. As in the novel, James Bond stops the cheating, but his demands to Goldfinger are less detailed.

Behind the scenes

When the role of Felix Leiter was brought back for the third Bond film, Goldfinger, the producers initially approached Jack Lord to reprise the role. Rather than agree with Lord's demands for co-star billing, a larger role and more money, the producers instead decided to recast the role, initially with Austin Willis. At the last minute, fellow Canadian actor Cec Linder switched roles with Willis, who instead filled the role of Simmons, card partner of Auric Goldfinger.[1]

The literary equivalent character, Junius Du Pont, was most likely not used as Du Pont also featured in Casino Royale, which EON Productions did not own the filming rights to, leading them to create Simmons instead.


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