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Simmons is a minor character in the 1964 movie Goldfinger. He was the card partner of Auric Goldfinger on Miami Beach. He always lost because Jill Masterson can see his cards through her high-powered binoculars. She communicates via radio with Goldfinger (who receives the messages through a false hearing aid), telling him what cards Simmons has and what is going on in the game. After Bond exposed the cheating the fortune smiled to him. He was portrayed by Austin Willis.


The novel had a different character who played against Goldfinger named Mr. Dupont. Unlike Simmons, Mr. Dupont was a character who knew Bond, having previously appeared in Casino Royale, to which Bond remembered "being seated next to Mr. & Mrs. Dupont the big night when he had broken Le Chiffre." As in the film, Bond stops the cheating, but his demands to Goldfinger are more detailed. Bond demands Goldfinger shell out $50,000 as punishment for his cheating and to directly apologize to Mr. Dupont, $35,000 was the approximate amount Goldfinger had flimflammed from Mr. Dupont, with $10,000 being Bond's cut. The remaning $5,000 was to also go to Mr. Dupont for wasting his time. Bond also demanded Goldfinger arrange a private suite for Jill Masterson and himself on the Silver Meteor train service from Miami to New York City. Although M is glad Bond foiled Goldfinger in that regard, he expresses disappointment that Bond spent his $10,000 on Jill Masterson, when agents were required to hand over such profits to the Secret Service as Bond was on duty, or at the very least, M suggested, to donate it to the White Cross.

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