Skullcap is a fictional metal-capped assassin who first appeared in the 1991-92 animated television series James Bond Jr. and the accompanying 1992 Marvel comic-book series of the same name. A top-ranking SCUM assassin, Skullcap is almost always found working for Dr. Derange.

Character biographyEdit

Skullcap's name is derived from the steel headgear encasing the top part of his head. He is extremely cold and insidious though not particularly cunning. According to the novelization, The Eiffel Target, he is Number 17 on Interpol's Most Wanted list, and it was Dr Derange who crafted his metallic dome after being seriously injured in a robbery. The dome also conducts static electricity. Whenever Skullcap scratches his head, it triggers little sparks.


  • The Eiffel Missile
  • The Inhuman Race
  • It's All in the Timing
  • The Last of the Tooboos
  • The Emerald Key
  • Weather or Not
  • Canine Caper
  • Thor's Thunder