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Called the "Wolfram P2K" in the Game, the Smith and Wesson SW99 is Bond's standard sidearm throughout the whole game. It comes standard with a 6-round magazine (really unrealistic, as the SW99 can hold more than double that. And even stranger, the multiplayer version holds the correct 16 rounds.) and can be fitted with a silencer. A Special Version called the "Golden Gun", which is a gold plated SW99 that holds 12 round replaces it if the player earns a Gold Medal in the 1st Level, and further upgrades improve the rate of fire, power, and magazine capacity of the gun when unlocked. The gun's a SW99 and not a Walther P99 as previously believed. The gun in game has the same slide, textured grip, and rounded trigger guard as the Smith & Wesson, though it obviously lacks the identifying trademarks.


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