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Trevelyan's armored train was an old Soviet railway train protected with armour. The vehicle appeared in in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye and its video-game adaptation.

Film appearance

Armored train were specially armored locomotives, used by the former Soviet Union to transport nuclear warheads and other such military weapons, as a means of protecting USSR arsenals by constantly keeping their current whereabouts a mystery. After the end of the Cold War, Alec Trevelyan managed to acquire one for himself and used it as the headquarters of the Janus Syndicate's Saint Petersburg division, as well as his personal residence and transportation.

James Bond later blew it up and derailed it with his stolen Soviet tank to save Natalya Simonova and Trevelyan later blew it up with 6 minute explosives similar to the one's bond had scarred him with.

Behind the scenes

The sequences involving the armoured train were filmed on the Nene Valley Railway, near Peterborough in the UK. The train was composed of a British Rail Class 20 diesel-electric locomotive and a pair of BR Mk 1 coaches, all three heavily disguised to resemble a Soviet armoured train.[1][2] The first Bond film to use computer generated imagery,the technique was used during the train derailment scene.[3]



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