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Thunderball Harpoon (Short)
spear gun is an underwater weapon that fires a harpoon. It is seen and used in the films Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes OnlyLicence to Kill, Tomorrow Never Dies, and the unofficial Never Say Never Again

Film appearances

In the 1965 film Thunderball, spearguns are used by James Bond, Emilio Largo's men, the U.S. Navy Frogmen, and Domino Derval. Bond used one to kill Largo's henchman, Vargas. In the underwater battle, both the Navy and Largo's men used the spearguns to fight each. On the Disco Volante, before Largo kills Bond with a pistol Domino kills Largo with a speargun to avenge her brother.

In The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond manages to get away from the Liparus crew by killing two guards with a speargun found on top of a cart filled with tanks.

In For Your Eyes Only, Milos Columbo's frogmen that land on the beach to apprehend Bond after Lisl von Schlaf was murdered by Locque shoot one of Kristatos' men with a speargun.

In Licence to Kill, Sharkey was killed by one of Milton Krest's men with harpoons and Bond then kills the one responsible with a speargun point blank to avenge Sharkey.

In Tomorrow Never Dies, Stamper kills a fisherman on board Wai Lin's boat with a speargun.

In the unoffical film Never Say Never Again, the spearguns are used by Maximillian Largo and his men in the underwater caverns. Largo is killed by a harpoon fired by Domino.

Game appearances

An Ultimate Spear Gun appears in the video-game adaptation of The World Is Not Enough listed as a "Seamaster Spear Gun".


  • Because the spearguns in Thunderball are compressed-air powered, its either a Technisub Jaguar or one of the Nemrod Commando range.


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