FYEO - The St Georges before the incident

The St. Georges off the coast of Albania, as seen in For Your Eyes Only (1981).

The St. Georges is a Maltese fishing trawler owned by the British navy and used as a cover for Britain's ATAC missile targeting system. In the lower hull of the boat was a sealed room containing targeting controls and the ATAC, which was equipped with a self-destruct switch. On the outside fishing activities were carried out as a cover. However on the inside, it was a missile targeting and firing base. The vessel is prominently featured in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.


In the Adriatic Sea, the St. Georges, trawls off the coast of Albania. Inside is a hidden control room for British defense. The spy ship is equipped with ATAC (Automatic Targeting and Attack Communicator), a valuable defensive and offensive device that the Soviet Union would like to obtain. When the ship's decoy fishing crew hauls in a net, it brings with it an old anti-warship mine which explodes, sinking the St. Georges. At MI6M's temporary replacement, Chief-of-Staff Bill Tanner, is informed of the incident. When he asks how deep the water is off the coast of Albania, he is told it isn't "deep enough." Hoping to find the St. Georges and the ATAC discreetly, Tanner orders a British underwater archeologist, Timothy Havelock, to find the St. Georges. Meanwhile, Tanner's KGB counterpart, Anatol Gogol, is told that the ATAC is in play, and instructs an unknown contact to procure it for him.

Later, Bond travels to the Havelock's yacht and finds Melina. Bond asks Melina if her father possibly left behind any information about his work for the British government. Melina shows Bond her father's journal and they discover that her father had been diving in an unusual underwater location.

The two go there in her father's mini-submarine and find the St. Georges. The enter the wreck and find the ATAC attached to an explosive charge which had failed to be activated. Bond disarms the bomb and takes the ATAC when the two are attacked by a diver in a JIM suit. He approaches them, knocks down Bond with Melina looking on in shock. There is nowhere left for her to run as the diver backs her into a corner and, using the left pincer, slams the hooked end into her crotch. Melina is brutally hoisted up leaving her powerless, as she is holding onto a torch and the ATAC, and back into a filter unit making her air hose rupture - as the diver, keeping Melina (who cries for help) in place uses the right claw to take the ATAC from her. After a minor struggle he does. Bond manages to escape the killer and attaches the ATAC bomb to the JIM suit, destroying it. Nearly out of breathable air, he and Melina return to the mini-sub but are again attacked by another mini-sub. They are able to escape this man as well.

They return to the surface to find that Kristatos, accompanied by Kriegler and Apostis, has seized the Havelock yacht and killed the crew. Kristatos takes the ATAC with the intention of selling it to the Soviet government; Kriegler is revealed to be his KGB contact. Using Melina and Bond as "bait" they tow them behind Kristatos' yacht hoping that sharks will eat them. Bond is able to snap the line binding them and they retreat to a SCUBA tank Melina left on the ocean floor. Kristatos, assuming Bond and Melina are both dead, leaves.



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