Starfire was a series of comic strips that ran in The Daily Express newspapers in 1971. It was reprinted along with other James Bond comics in the Golden Ghost paperback book.


After spotting an old enemy in a restaurant, SPECTRE affiliate Luke Quantrill began a spree of murders with his "Starfire" weapon, after a hippie cult called "Astro Pink" threatens to destroy him with an "Astral Firebolt". He killed a man who had attacked the cult to create a red herring to connect the crimes to "Lord Astro", who truly believed he was responsible for them. Quantrill then took out SPECTRE's target, an airplane designer with plans for a powerful fighter-jet. James Bond was then set on Quantrill's tail after learning that the fighter-jet plans had been stolen. While investigating a former employer of Quantrill's in Paris, Bond spotted a SPECTRE Agent, and tailed him to his apartment where he attacked the inhabitants by surprise by coming in through a window. He was then given information on SPECTRE's interests in the crimes. With background on Quantrill's work history, Bond deduced that the fireballs created by Quantrill were just balloons with explosive charges in them, guided by radio controlled toy airplanes that were seeking a device planted on victims, covered in phosphorescent paints. Bond then tracked Quantrill down to his brother Alan's house, where he planned to kill his brother to be with his wife. Bond was able to locate the target that would call the balloon to him, and planted it on Quantrill, which effectively detonated and killed him.



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