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"Do you believe in God?"
― Obanno to Le Chiffre
Steven Obanno was a feared Lord's Resistance Army commander and terrorist who appeared as a villain in the 2006 film Casino Royale.

Film biography

Obanno is a high ranking member of the Lord's Resistance Army. He also has ties to Quantum represented by the mysterious Mr. White. Obanno banks a considerable sum ($101,206,000) with another of White's associates, Le Chiffre.

Le Chiffre ends up losing Obanno's money when one of his stock shorting schemes fails due to Bond's intervention at the Miami Airport. Without notifying Obanno or Mr. White, Le Chiffre arranges a high-stakes poker tournament at Casino Royale in Montenegro to recoup the loss.

When Obanno learns of the loss of his money, to say that he is furious would be sugarcoating it. Determined to make Le Chiffre pay, he and his bodyguard travel to Montenegro, break into Le Chiffre's hotel suite and ambush him and his mistress Valenka. Obanno angrily demands to know where his money is, scolding Le Chiffre for actually thinking that no one would notice the disappearance of such a large sum of money. Le Chiffre begs for mercy, explaining his plan to recoup it by winning the tournament. Obanno takes a machete from his bodyguard and tells Le Chiffre that he would "take a hand for this betrayal" but since he needs both to play cards and win the money, he settles for amputating Valenka's right arm. With some "persuasion" Valenka nearly has her arm cut off but Obanno halts the blade just inches away when Le Chiffre does not protest. He remarks to Valenka that she should find a new boyfriend and leaves the suite. In the hall, Obanno and his bodyguard notice Bond and Vesper lurking in the vicinity. When the bodyguard sees the hearing device in Bond's ear, he moves to attack Bond, who throws him over a stairwell to his death. Obanno then attacks Bond with the machete he had concealed inside his jacket. He and Bond then engage a brutal fight in the stairwell. As the fight ends at the bottom of the stairwell, Bond gains the upper hand and throttles Obanno to death. Mathis then disposes of their bodies by putting them in the car trunk belonging to Leo, one of Le Chiffre's henchmen, framing him for their murders.

Behind the scenes

He is portrayed by Isaach De Bankolé.


  • He is loosely based on Joseph Kony, the Lord's Resistance Army leader.

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