The Strangled SPECTRE skier is an unnamed SPECTRE agent who appears briefly in the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The Strangled SPECTRE skier was portrayed by stuntman George Leech.

Film biography

Bond manages to escape Piz Gloria and proceeds to ski down the mountain. Blofeld and his men pursue Bond, splitting into groups. One group, led by Grunther almost catches Bond, but most of the men crash into trees.

After Bond flings one henchman over the cliff, he traps another, hitting them with his one remaining ski. The men fight, but Bond pins the man down, starting to strangle him.

The man breaks free but Bond manages to hit him in the face with his ski, stunning him again, allowing Bond to toss the man over the cliff.

Behind the scenes

Stuntman George Leech, who played Strangled SPECTRE skier, also makes severals appearances in the James Bond films with Henchman Shark Victim in For Your Eyes Only as his last.

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