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Tee-Hee Johnson: "There are two ways to disable a crocodile, you know."
James Bond: "I, uh... I don't suppose you'd care to share that information with me?"
Tee-Hee Johnson: "Well, one way is to take a pencil and jam it into the pressure hole behind his eyes."
James Bond: "And the other?"
Tee-Hee Johnson: "Oh, the other's twice as simple. You just put your hand in his mouth and pull his teeth out."
―Tee-Hee Johnson and James Bond[src]

Tee-Hee Johnson is one of Mr. Big's henchmen from the Ian Fleming novel Live and Let Die and its 1973 film adaption. He was portrayed by Julius Harris.

Film biography

In the film, Tee Hee is portrayed as Mr. Big's right hand man and has a metal arm, replacing one which was bitten off by a crocodile named "Albert." He appears to be either a chief bodyguard or right hand man of Kananga's as he appears in almost all of his employer's scenes regardless of which identity his employer is currently assuming. As in the novel, Tee Hee's name is derived from his tendency to chuckle to himself very often for little or no reason. As Bond states when he first meets the man: "Funny how the least little thing amuses him".

In his first meeting of Bond, Tee Hee is informed that Bond is armed by Solitaire, disarms him and, in a demonstration of his formidable hook, twists Bond's gun. In their next meeting, Tee Hee leads Bond to an island surrounded by crocodiles and alligators, but Bond escapes by using the backs of the alligators as stepping stones.


During Bond's attack on San Monique, Tee Hee is not present. Eventually, Bond manages to kill Kananga and foil his evil plans. After order is restored, Bond travels with Solitaire by train, unaware that Tee Hee has smuggled himself onto the train as well. At night, while Solitaire is in bed, he approaches her. She believes him to be Bond, much to his delight. When the real Bond enters the room, Tee Hee switches the bed back into the wall, trapping Solitaire inside. Bond and Tee Hee then engage in a fight, which Bond wins by using pliers to cut a wire in Tee Hee's arm, which makes him unable to open it again. Tee Hee is now trapped, with his arm shut around the grip of the train's window. He is then killed when Bond lifts him and throws him out of the window, ripping off the metal arm in the process.


Teehee 's metal claw arm

His metal claw arm.

TeeHee Goldeneye reloaded

Tee Hee as he appears in Goldeneye 007 Reloaded.

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