007 stunt performer Terry Richards

Terry Richards

David Terence Richards was born in South London in 1932, but was known to everyone simply as Terry. He joined the film industry in 1957, when a friend in the Welsh Guards told him they needed extras with military training.

"He was paid extra to fall off some scaffolding in a riot scene, which he did for a few extra pounds, and that was the beginning of his stunt career," said his daughter in law, Lisa Thomas.

Richards was soon working with stars like Kirk Douglas in The Vikings (1958) and became a founding member of The Stunt Register in 1960. In a 50-year career, Richards worked on nine 007 films, opposite four different Bonds, before retiring in 1999. He also doubled for Donald Sutherland, Tom Selleck and Christopher Lee. He also toured the world with a jousting show. Outside of his long-time work providing stunts for the long-running James Bond franchise, he also is recognized for playing the Cairo swordsman shot to death by Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark and for playing the Wampa snow creature in a deleted sequence from Star Wars- Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

His family revealed he died suddenly on June 14, 2014 that he had died and his funeral was scheduled to take place in Ruislip, Northwest London, later. "He was still in good health but he was more ill than he thought," said Mr Richards, who also said his father had enjoyed "a good life" travelling all over the world. "He'd been dragged behind cars, fallen off buildings, shot, punched. He always used to get up, but this time sadly he wasn't getting up." "He fought Indiana Jones, James Bond, Luke Skywalker and Rambo - there's not many people who can say that," his son Terry Richards Junior told the BBC. "He was a great character, a good story teller, very charming and full of humour, and was well loved and respected in the film industry," said his family.

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