The Driver, also know as Car Driver, is a unnamed henchman who appears in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice. The Driver is portrayed by Peter Fanene Maivia.

Film biography

The Driver works for Osato. He drives the assassin of Mr. Henderson. After the murder, James Bond kills the assassin with his knife, disguises himself as the assassin and enters into the Driver's car. The Driver does not known that the assassin is deceased and James Bond is in his car. He drives 007 of the entreprise of Osato and carries him up to a higher floor. He filed the false killer in an office. There he noticed that this is not the killer and a hand-to-hand begins. During the fight, the Driver tries to use wrestling techniques to master Bond but it gets to be knocked unconscious with a statue. Then the spy encloses the Driver's body.

The Driver's body is not seen when Bond discuses with Osato in the same office. The body was certainly discovered by the Osato's security agents. The fate of the Driver is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Peter Fanene Maiva, who played the role of The Driver, was a professional wrestler who acts as Stunt Fight choreographer in the same film.

In EON Productions' James Bond franchise, Maiva was the second wrestler who fights James Bond with Harold Sakata as the first, Pat Roach as the third and David Bautista as the fourth.

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