• I read a list of 50 most iconic heroes and villains in movie history, made in 2003. James Bond is number 3 on the Heroes list. And Number 49 on the Villains list is Goldfinger.

    I suppose he must have been popular, besides he had his own Austin Powers counterpart played by Mike Myers. But what I don't get is, why wasn't Blofeld on the list?

    Blofeld is the most significant Bond villain, as his plans were the threat of six of the first seven films, and his Austin Powers counterpart appeared in all three films as the main villain, Dr. Evil.

    Other villains who have classic Blofeld moments with the white cat while their face isn't seen are Sanford Scolex in Inspector Gadget, Giovanni in Pokemon (who has not been defeated even after 900 episodes), and Tirek in G1 of My Little Pony (who dies, by the way, and in place of a cute fluffy white cat he's got a pouch containing dark power with a creepy heartbeat to it, and this was the pilot episode).

    So, if Blofeld inspired that many villains, and is Bond's archnemesis appearing in more films than any other villain (only other villain to appear more than once is the henchman Jaws, appearing twice before his redemption), how come he wasn't on the iconic villains list while Goldfinger was?

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