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Tilly Masterton is a fictional character in Ian Fleming's James Bond novel Goldfinger. In the novel, Tilly plays a far larger and different part. She is also revealed as a lesbian and shows a strong attraction to Pussy Galore, the leader of an all female criminal gang called "The Cement Mixers".

Novel biographyEdit

Tilly swears revenge on Auric Goldfinger after he had her sister, Jill murdered and painted her body with gold paint. She first meets James Bond when he purposely backs his car into hers while both were pursuing Goldfinger. Bond later foils an assassination attempt on Goldfinger by Tilly in Geneva to avenge Jill's death. Bond and Tilly attempt to escape when the alarm is raised, but are both captured.

After interrogation Bond and Tilly are subsequently taken to Goldfinger's operational headquarters in a warehouse in New York City. They are put to work as secretaries for a meeting between Goldfinger and several gangsters (including the Spangled Mob and the Mafia), who have been recruited to assist in "Operation Grand Slam" – the stealing of the United States gold reserves from Fort Knox. She and Bond serve Goldfinger as secretaries whilst he host representatives from other gangs. It is here that she first meets Pussy Galore whom she has instant attraction to and at this Bond figures out that she is a lesbian.

Operation Grand Slam commences, but Felix Leiter and the CIA are in wait of Goldfinger after Bond obliquely left a note to Lieter in Golfinger's scheme which was found by a cleaner. A battle commences, and both Tilly and James escape in the chaos. Tilly leaves Bond and hopes that Pussy Galore will protect her. However, Tilly is eventually killed by Oddjob.

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