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Bond's Top Boats

Bond's Top Boats

Bond's Top Boats

As Bond is definitely no stranger to

taking to the water in his relentless pursuit of henchman and villains alike, perhaps a more aptly fitting sanction would be a 'License to Sail'. In homage to SPECTRE  , yacht charter specialists The Moorings have put together a fun interactive web page where you can now search for the most iconic and, in some cases, unrecognisable James Bond Boats  .

For example, Q's "Fishing Boat"...

Featured in: 

Special Features:

  •  Rocket Propulsion
  •  Heat Seeking


  •  GPS Tracking System
  •  Can negotiate land

and dive underwater


  •  Customer fitted

with an air cannon for the final scenes where the boat was launched out of the water

  •  15 versions were

created in total

There are other behind the scenes facts available for each of the iconic boats selected and a 5 star rating system judged by an independent Bond fanatic.

Check it out to see if you agree!

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