The "tree assassin" or "tree sniper" was a henchman working for billionaire aerospace mogul Hugo Drax in the 1979 film Moonraker. He is played by Guy Delorme.

Film biography

During a pheasant hunt on Drax's country estate, the billionaire arranges for an "accident" to occur to Bond. On noticing Bond arriving, the assassin climbs a nearby tree to get a good shot. After exchanging some pleasantries, Drax hands 007 a hunting rifle and requests that he accompany him on the pheasant hunt. Drax counts on the lack of interest of US police in hunting-related shooting deaths to cover up what he hopes will be Bond's death. Initially reluctant, Bond agrees to the offer. Setting his sights on the spy, the tree assassin fails to take his shot quickly, and Bond picks him off while pretending to shoot at a pheasant.

Hugo Drax: "You missed, Mr. Bond."
James Bond: "[The assassin's corpse falls from the tree] Did I? As you said, such good sport."
―Bond parries Drax's insult.[src]