Trukhin is a minor henchman in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. He was portrayed by Carl McCrystal.

Film biography

Trukhin was one of the henchmen working in Renard's terrorist group. He first appears at an airstrip in Baku where it was planned that he rendezvous with Sasha Davidov. He instead winds up greeting Bond, only moments after killing Davidov and disposing of his body. Unaware of Bond's identity, Trukhin mistakes him for one of Elektra King's men and escorts him to a plane bound for Kazakhstan. Minutes before landing at a nuclear facility, Trukhin hands Bond a blue jumpsuit and I.D. tag. Unbeknownst to Bond, Davidov's mission was to impersonate the recently deceased Dr. Arkov and lead the rest of Renard's gang through the nuclear facility's checkpoints. All goes to plan and Renard is able to escape with a cache of weapon's-grade plutonium. Outside the facility, Renard meets Trukhin alongside the remaining henchmen, and the terrorists drive off towards the plane.

Novel biography

Trukhin's is given a much more prominent role in the film's novelisation. It appears that Trukhin is Renard's right-hand man and is shown to possess a surprising knowledge of nuclear refinement. He, along with Renard's other henchmen, accompany their master to The Maiden's Tower where they board the nuclear submarine. Aboard the sub, Trukhin is tasked with overseeing the process of converting the plutonium into a reactor rod. When Bond rams the submarine into the sea floor, the machine extruding the plutonium topples over Trukhin and crushes him. It is revealed in the novel that Trukhin and the rest of Renard's men were unaware that they would die during the submarine's voyage through the Bosphorous. The henchmen were simply led to believe that the mission would result in them becoming extremely wealthy.