Tula or Caroline Cossey is a dancer and extra who plays an unnamed minor poolside character in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.


For Your Eyes Only

Tula is among the many extras that are seen at the swimming pool at Hector Gonzales's Spanish villa while James Bond is on the hunt for Emile Leopold Locque. The characters witness 007's capture and Gonzales's murder at the whim of Melina Havelock's crossbow, avenging the death of her parents by his hand.


After a career as a dancer, in 1981 Cossey was cast as an extra in For Your Eyes Only. Shortly after the film’s release, in 1982, the British tabloid newspaper the News of the World revealed that Cossey was a transsexual, which it had been threatening to do for some time. The same year Cossey responded by releasing the autobiography I Am a Woman. Press coverage intensified, but was generally more sympathetic. Eventually, Cossey returned to modeling, however a career on a bigger stage was no longer possible.

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