Tylyn Mignonne is a character in the 2001 James Bond novel Never Dream of Dying by Raymond Benson.

Novel Biography

Early Life

Tylyn is the child of a famous French film director, but she was raised in the United States. She became a child model, and eventually it became her career. in 1997 or '98 She married the Film director Léon Essinger and starred in one of his films, launching her acting career. By 2001 she and Essinger had gone their separate ways, but were still technically married. This made Tylyn an assassination target for Union member Essinger, as he would inherit her vast wealth.

Never Dream of Dying

She becomes involved with Bond while at a fashion show in Paris. Bond "interrogates" Tylyn over lunch to get details on her involvement and relationship with Léon Essinger, but this proves fruitless as Bond's cover story was a reporter for a magazine and Tylyn and Essinger had agreed not to talk to reporters about their divorce. Through the interview she and Bond become fast friends, and she invites him to her ranch in the south of France where the two become lovers. Tylyn then arranges for Bond to join her during filming on Essinger's latest film. It is during this time that she gets a glimpse of Bond's true profession when he flees under gunfire from the shooting location. Her ex-husband tells her that Bond was a spy for a rival film company and that he had been toying with her to get close to the production, which Tylyn can't bring herself to believe. After this news Tylyn becomes greatly depresses and is uninspired to attend the film screening that is planned to be the death of her, but she goes anyway because she is under contract. At the screening, word goes around of a bomb in the theater, and this is almost confirmed when Tylyn sees James Bond fighting with one of Essinger's thugs and saves Bond from a great fall with a stage curtain.

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